Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Has the emergence of social enterprise provided an alternative to Literature review

Has the emergence of social enterprise provided an alternative to local governments role of providing social well-being - Literature review Example dings of private conversations within the community of social enterprises and discussion of their role within the society, which might undermine the role and need for a local government enterprise in some areas as well. The literature is organised in a manner to facilitate a step-wise understanding of the role of social enterprise in relation to that of the government in provision of social well-being. The paper begins with exploration of the origin of a social enterprise and then putting forth an argument that states that social enterprises can work without much intervention from the government. The review then organises itself for identifying the role of social enterprises and local government in these societal existence and explores various categories that gather instances to depict how social enterprises and the local government act as complements and supplements. It then goes on to discuss why social enterprises can replace local government’s role and concludes in highlighting the similar view. The resource dependency theory states that there exist exchange relationships between firms and their external environment. To make sure that such firms survive long, social enterprises source resources that are the key to attain objectives. The resource dependency theory is relevant in the context of a social enterprise because the board member want to sources resources from all possible places beyond the social economy. Companies tend to rely on scare financial resources and therefore devise strategies to recruit directors who have the ability to influence the world with a view to get the desired resources. The stewardship theory states that corporate governance and the board can influence the behaviour of other people within the organization by performing the role of an advisor and strategy maker. The manager here plays the role of a steward rather than a profit seeker. In case of social enterprises, the stewardship theory is being extensively used because of

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